Zheng Yanpan: Pay attention to the change in the number of discharges, heavy stocks temporarily under pressure
Source: Daily Economic News Every time reporter Zheng Buchun further eased with the epidemic data, A shares rose again on Wednesday.At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.87% to 2926.90 points.The Shenzhen main board, the small and medium-sized companies, and the three KLCI rose by 1.55%, 1.55%, 2.65%.After-hours data showed that Beijing’s capital had a net inflow for the second consecutive day, with an inflow of nearly $ 1.5 billion.  The performance of heavyweight stocks is obviously lagging behind. Photovoltaic and cloud computing segments are subdivided. Authentic cloud computing stocks are carved into the cloud.The overall growth of the technology sector, but slightly different from Tuesday, the performance of the science and technology board once again led.  The epidemic has irreversible losses in the first half of the performance of a listed company, so it is relatively difficult to strengthen the varieties that focus on speculation (most of the heavyweights belong to this category), and the original performance or the varieties that are focused on the future are not very aware.Relatively expected performance.Looking at varieties such as cloud computing, except for the epidemic itself or some network-related applications (such as telecommuting), a variety of samples in this sector have had little performance, and even some companies are in the strategic 西安耍耍网 replacement and horse race enclosure stage.Obviously, the more typical varieties, the more pessimistic investors look at current performance, often looking at the P / S ratio, not necessarily just staring at the P / E ratio.There are also some poor performance stocks, Zhuang stocks, mixed stocks, and generally less recognized by participation.  Due to the impact of the hedging epidemic, the continuous promotion of the release of ample liquidity, this factor alone can easily lead to a strong stock, the so-called “buffalo”.As far as some core blue chips are concerned, when funds are relatively scarce, they are more likely to be caused by a strong tendency to embrace heating.  In short, the more certain the original performance of the variety, the easier it is for the shareholders to feel guilty; while the original performance of the 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 product that is erratic and unpredictable will be less affected.Unfortunately, the performance of heavily weighted stocks is relatively certain, or in other words, future performance is relatively easy to estimate due to the epidemic situation, so such stocks are temporarily weaker.It is actually quite normal for the market to have such a reaction. Investors can understand the reason, so that it is easier to see the market in a normal state of mind.If investors hold large stocks with a relatively stable performance, their expectations can now be moderately reduced; if they hold high-tech products that focus on market-to-sales ratios and even story-telling varieties, they should overcome the profit-sacking mentality, which can be moderately more “Greedy “.  The epidemic data has improved for many days, but experts’ comments on the epidemic situation, but no matter what, it is still a kind of continuously fine-tuned prediction, and it is still difficult to completely clear the doubts in the minds of investors.  From now on, investors need to take a look at the epidemic data almost every morning before the market. If the situation improves further, they can continue to hold shares or increase their positions, instead of buying.According to general logic, unless the epidemic data has a positive trend, sometimes the generated variables cannot be completely ruled out, which should be normal, so investors can only do it manually, and there is no need to suddenly turn into pessimism.  In the news that there are many missiles, “huhhhhhhhhhhh, it may not be a favorable mood, maybe” modest numbness “is more appropriate.Easily fluctuating emotions must correspond to continuous operation, and more repeat operators are extremely difficult to obtain benefits in actual combat.  One of the focuses of investors’ attention should be whether the discharge cases surpass the confirmed cases. At this moment, the inflection point has not yet appeared.Once this inflection point occurs, even the hospitals, beds, doctors will not increase further, and the “per capita medical resources” of admitted patients will improve marginally, the efficacy will increase, the mortality rate will decrease, and the virtuous circle is easy and easy. “”Rapidly” forming .