Seeing women’s erotic psychology from 8 parts

1. Short hair is most pleasant. Long-haired women say that she is willing and patient to take care of trouble.

A woman with disheveled hair should avoid it. Ask someone who doesn’t even pay attention to the dashboard, can you expect anything from her?

Dark brown and red hair are enthusiastic, and blondes can best enhance the fun of the bed.

And a beautiful girl with curly hair, can’t guess, they are hot characters who like to collect leather clothes.

  2. Topless women who desperately love to show their breasts in front of others show that she is very interested in sex, but it may also be a warning sign that they are not confident about their looks, so if you really love this type of woman, pleaseBeware of whether her makeup is too perfect, covering up all flaws.

  3, the real buttocks are the most resistant to play. Strong buttocks are good indications-she can definitely play with you overnight.

On the contrary, if her buttocks are flat and flat, it means that she is a slacker. It is expected that this uncle has no sexual requirements, and there will be many traditional sex missionaries who have sex with men and women.Go to the doctor to do some difficult sex skills!

  4, thin feet are the most sexy. I don’t know. The size of a woman’s feet is proportional to her pelvic bone, which is the best inspiration for the size of the vagina.

So before going to bed with a woman with big feet, please check again and again whether the size of your little brother can match the English Channel. Otherwise, I’m afraid I will end up with an overwhelming end.

  5. The most seductive eye contact is self-confidence, especially sexuality. I’m afraid to answer with shame.

If she loves catching your little brother to sleep, this is definitely good news-she is willing to make any new attempts, so don’t give up the opportunity to play with her skills.

  6. Mouth movements should be frequent. Please find women who love mouth movements (smoke does not leave their hands, often drinks water, bites their nails, and is addicted to life) as kissing opponents. They are generally highly skilled in this area, which is related to their practiceI like to stimulate the mouth.

If you love pure women, fear of prevention can only be as addictive as woodpeckering.

  7, thighs should be strong Tough and strong thighs indicate that she is energetic, she will not only ask you to be a bold woman with the lights on, but her performance under the light will generally not disappoint you.

  8. Be careful with fashionable clothes. If her nickname is “Man in Black”, after undressing, she may have a lot of tears besides fat.

On the contrary, women in fashionable clothes expressed their willingness to work hard in bed.