Exercise and fitness, don’t follow the trend blindly

When some women envy “skinny beauties”, many “skinny men” have been stuck in the chaos of “I can’t get fat no matter how I eat.”

In the gym, there are some thin, dry men who compete with dumbbells and irons like barbells, but in the end many people will give up on the grounds that they are born to be thin.

  Experts point out that the principle of muscle growth can be summarized as: training with sufficient intensity (destroying muscle fibers) → supplementary nutrition (raw materials necessary for synthesizing muscles) → full rest (androgen recovery in the body) → muscle growth (excessive recovery principle).

Therefore, thin people want to become big, eat more meals daily, choose foods that are easy to absorb and foods with high protein content, and exercise appropriate muscles for exercise.

  Strength training must not be greedy. To increase muscle volume, strength training is essential.

Many thin and dry men are apt to choose heavy weight equipment for exercise, thinking that the better the effect of weight loss training.

  Experts point out that when a person with a thin body performs strength training, heavier weights are not the better. It is most appropriate to choose the upper and middle weight (equivalent to 50% -65% of the maximum weight that he can bear).And the number of groups, and can have enough strong stimulation to the muscles.

This exercise breaks down the proteins in the muscles to the greatest extent, destroying the muscle fibers, leaving room for the muscles to grow.

  Those who are thin can start with moderate exercise, aerobic exercise with a heart rate between 130-160 beats per minute, and then assist with medium-load equipment training.

The schedule can be practiced 3 times a week (once every other day), 1-1 each time.

5 hours.

Practice 8-10 moves at a time, doing 3-4 sets of each move.

The approach is to shrink quickly, pause a bit, and slow it down.

  The time for one continuous action is about 60 seconds, the interval between groups is 20-60 seconds, and the interval between each action is 1-2 minutes.

Under normal circumstances, each group should be able to complete 8-15 times in a row. If the number of times in each group is less than 8 times, the weight can be appropriately reduced. Finally, full force must be used to complete the action.

  Eat more food and eat easily. If you have a weak body, if you simply eat and drink for the sake of gaining weight, overeating will only add too much to your body and is not good for your health.

Experts say that the diet of obese people must follow the principle of reasonable meals, eat more easily absorbed food and increase protein absorption.

  Protein is the source of muscle fibers, and protein and fat are sources of energy for training.

To ensure full recovery and muscle growth, we should ensure that we lose about 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, but the protein we absorb every day is about half of this standard.

Therefore, it is better for people who are thin to eat meals every 2-3 hours.

In addition, ensure sufficient impurities and a small amount of intake.

  Usually, you should eat meat, eggs, poultry, etc. that are easily digested and ingested animal protein. You should also eat more soy products, red beans, lilies, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Especially the diet after strength training, within two hours after strength training, the body’s metabolism and nutrient absorption reached a peak, so people with thin bodies must pay attention to protein and protein supplements after training.