Interpretation of the 10 signs of being crushed


Someone can always find a good reason to call you. When you answer the phone, someone’s opening statement is usually: Where are you?

Someone on the phone is very concerned about your location and the environment around you, such as seriously asking: Is it in the mall?

Is it a person?

at home?

. Haha, watch out, I’m crushed.


Raising your head within a short distance, someone inadvertently imitates your movements.

The body leans to the left like you, sits deep in the chair like you, crosses Erlang’s legs, supports his cheeks . People with a sense of intimacy usually imitate each other.


You often encounter a pair of eyes, and there is always a chance to meet your eyes. You find that someone is “looking at you”. When you look at it, someone starts to have several hand movements, and some kind of mobile phone . that meansSomeone is nervous and has something to hide.


You can meet someone whenever you can show up with someone.

Sometimes, it is unlikely that you will meet him. Sometimes, on your way to work, you also meet someone . someone is not busy, but if you are busy, you must meet you first.


An old classmate who hasn’t seen you for a long time suddenly calls you and asks you about your current situation in detail. The main point is to introduce you to whether he / she is single and change your single life. In many cases, the love seeds that were buried a few years ago are going to sprout.


When you have a happy smile, you see someone smiling happier than you. If you think that smiley face is extraordinarily brilliant, it is the person who loves you.


There is a caller around you. You can call someone at any time. Someone is willing to help you at any time and listen to you. That is the one who loves you.


You seem to be laughing with the opposite sex, and you find that someone’s face becomes unsightly. You must change your attitude accordingly, ha, that person is jealous . 9.

Someone often finds you with a single-minded attitude towards love next to you, and someone who does not have any special relationship with your friends, that is to suggest that if you are with someone, there will be a good future . 10.

Someone is starting to give you a small gift, maybe a card, or ordering a song for you, you know, love has arrived at your doorstep . After 10 strokes, check to see if you have any tricks, and whether you have also been takenHave a crush?