Your other half is with you

Are people aware of choosing a partner similar to themselves or looking for a complementary half?

Many people have their own experience from this. However, no one seems to be able to convince others. People always smile and insist on their opinions in their hearts when they talk about each other and talk about various reasons.

  A recent study found that people are more willing to choose partners who have similar attitudes, religious beliefs and values, and that personal proximity and similarity are particularly important in happy marriages.

  The study was part of the Iowa Marriage Assessment Program, which involved a total of 291 newlyweds.

At the beginning of the study, they had not been married for more than one year, and the average marriage time was between three months and half a year.

Psychologists supplemented these newly-married couples with relevant tests, including personality traits, attitudes, and quality indicators of interpersonal communication.

  The results show that these newlyweds are highly similar in attitudes and values, and similar in personality-related aspects such as attachment, extraversion, responsibility, and emotion, but to a relative degree.

There is no evidence to support the idea of complementary attraction.

At least some people disagree with this indicator, but to a certain extent, it supports the idea of “things are clustered together” at the research level.

  Most surprisingly, when researchers evaluated the quality and well-being of marriage, they found that personality similarities were always associated with marital satisfaction, rather than people’s usual attitudes.

  Regarding this difference, researchers believe that because attitudes are observable and explicit, in comparison, personality traits take longer to understand and correctly perceive, and are unlikely to play out until subsequent relationships are gradually replaced.important role.

  ”But once someone decides to be loyal to each other, personality similarity becomes the number one factor affecting happiness in marriage.

Because loyalty relationships require continuous interaction and the need to maintain extensive cooperation and coordination in dealing with everyday events, differences in personality may lead to frictions and conflicts in life.

“The researchers said.

  It can be seen that similarities in attitudes and values and personality similarities play different roles in the attraction of both sexes. If you happen to be a supporter of the similarity view, then it may be appropriate to show this view in front of your stubborn “opponent”Show, but do n’t have too much hope, because when he says “maybe”, he may be searching quickly for evidence that can convince you.