What are the traditional Chinese medicines for kidney and impotence?

The kidney is congenital. The kidney has the main bone to generate the marrow, and the function of storing essence and holding Qi.

Kidney yang deficiency appears coldness, cold limbs, back pain, impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, edema, oliguria, facial expression, obesity of the tongue, and clear urine.

Such as chronic nephritis manifested clinically as debilitating disease, adrenal cortical function, hypothyroidism, neurasthenia, etc. For the above symptoms caused by kidney yang deficiency, kidney aphrodisiac drugs and prescriptions should be added for treatment.

  There are many traditional Chinese medicines with aphrodisiac effects, such as aconite, dried ginger, cinnamon, cistanche, citronella, epimedium, sunstone, bone broken tonic, Morinda citrifolia, Chuan Jiuji, dog spine, psoralen, yam,Walnut flesh, golden cherry, nootropic kernel, mulberry, raspberry, dodder, velvet antler, etc.

In the clinical use of these drugs for treatment, according to the patient’s performance, symptoms, tongue quality, tongue coating changes and pulse, add or subtract medication as the symptoms.

For example, when accompanied by impotence and premature ejaculation, it is used with osmanthus, golden cherry, poplite, lotus seed, etc .; with edema, it is often compatible with drugs such as Zexie, Psyllium, Poria, and Poria cocos; with more urine, enuresisNoble kernels, mulberries, and raspberries are compatible.

Patients are physically weak or asthmatic, and when their limbs are cold, they are often compatible with aconite, codonopsis, astragalus, keel, and strong oysters.

The commonly used tonifying kidney and strengthening yang prescriptions include Yougui Pill, Jinkuai Shenqi Pill, Shuquan Pill, Zhenwu Decoction, and Wuling Powder.